July 26, 2015

Top 25 German Universities



The Top 25 best Universities in Germany – engineering and beyond

In the first place, it does not matter much where you have studied in Germany. Universities of applied sciences, not appearing in any global ranking, have almost the same reputation as more academic counterparts. There are no significant elite universities, it’s rather that Max Planck Society, Helmholtz Society, Leibniz Society and Fraunhofer society play that role.

The 9 leading German universities of technology:

RWTH Aachen, TU Berlin, TU Braunschweig, TU Darmstadt, TU Dresden, Leibniz Universität Hannover, KIT Karlsruhe, TU Munich, University of Stuttgart, + personal super secret tip: TU Freiberg

The 15 other leading universities:

FU Berlin, HU Berlin, Uni Bonn, Uni Frankfurt, Uni Freiburg, Uni Göttingen, Uni Hamburg, Uni Heidelberg, Uni Cologne (Köln), Uni Leipzig, Uni Mainz, LMU Munich, Uni Münster, Uni Tübingen, Uni Würzburg, +1 high ranking business school Uni Mannheim

The Universities above are not comparable to the worldwide Top 35 but quite respective to the 19,965 other Universities in the world. To continue the highly questionable grading, there are now 11 chosen German “Universities of Excellence” aiming to be competitive with any university in the world at least in special tighter or broader subjects:

In addition to the universities, Germany also has premier research institutes in the form of Max Planck Institutes, Fraunhofer institutesHelmholtz institutes and many other institutes, where research takes place. Usually the universities and the research institutes are working partners such that the professors at universities are researchers at these premier institutes and the students are allowed access to the state of the art research labs.