July 24, 2015


Our connections. Your success.

Our strong, long-term connections—with professors and alumni from prestigious universities abroad —mean a new world of possibilities for your career. Partnering with BVC is the kind of proactive move that can put you on an inside track, give you access to more career opportunities, and get you that dream job faster than going it alone.

Our career networking is all about helping you become employed in your next right job. We teach you the things you must do, things you must say, things you must prepare, and finally the things you must be to become successful in your job search. The topics covered include:

Phase I

  • Defining your career goals

  • Taking personal inventories

  • Developing your plan of action

  • Job search tips, things you must know and do

  • Creating your personal infomercial

Phase II

  • Job search methods that work – marketing/cover letter samples

  • Networking strategies: the power of relationship building

  • Informational interviewing

Phase III

  • Writing tips for a winning, keyword, value-based resume

  • Effective interviewing strategies

  • Negotiating for the job at the best price

Our career consultants specialize in various majors and career areas. If you have the right skills and the desire to succeed, we can help you find employment opportunities with the best companies in the world.