July 13, 2015

About BVC




The BVC Group was established in 1997 for providing leadership in education and research with a focus on science and technology. Until now, about 13000 students have graduated from our three colleges with Bachelors. BVC today is the leading institution in East Godavari in engineering & management.

Since 2009, BVC Group is present in Nepal as BVC Education Services Pvt. Ltd and has been helping Nepali students pursue undergraduate and postgraduate engineering and management courses in genuine foreign student quotas at the BVC Engineering College in Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India. BVC Education Services also represents the Sai College of Nursing in Nepal and has seen a gradual rise in number of students pursuing engineering, management and nursing courses in India.

After witnessing a strong interest from our students in pursuing a postgraduate degree in Germany we have assembled a team of experienced professionals that pursued their studies in Europe (especially Germany) to help out the students with not only selecting a proper university but also planning their career. Our team members have experienced the academic as well as professional lives in India as well as different parts of Europe thus we are uniquely positioned to provide the most accurate and tailored education and career counseling.