July 27, 2015


India has been recognized as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Enormous, young, energetic and heritably analytic youth making an immense technical pool of knowledge workers and a huge vibrant domestic market with a global vision provides a tremendous platform for long term economic growth. In the path to a stupendous growth and development, the role and responsibilities of academic institutions are very crucial. Especially the institutions imparting technical education must focus to produce future leads of technocrats.

At BVC we persistently aim to train and develop knowledgeable engineers, competitive and comparable to the best. Training reinforced with adequate simulative projects and presentations, supported by practical and sound industrial exposure to make pupil well groomed. Innovation, enterepreneurship, personality development, soft skills and communication skills are all emphasized to transform students into competent professionals. The students and faculty at BVC have demonstrated such abilities by winning prizes in business plan competitions, robotics, paper presentations, sports, cultural activities etc.

The group aims at strengthening it further by providing value added courses, inviting visiting faculty from industry and national / international level institutions, entrepreneurship development cell, with support from National Entrepreneurship Network, special coaching for sports & cultural activities by experts etc.

Hence, at BVC we work for satisfying interest of all stake holders as students, staff, faculty, parents and society at large. You will find it amazing to be a part of BVC group.