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What are we really about?
At BVC, what you see is what you get, and what you get is the best.

BVC Education Services aims to be the premier counseling and educational service provider in NEPAL, for students aspiring to study Engineering courses in India and Higher education courses in Germany.

Our dedicated team of Indian and German graduates are always ready to help you find the right answers regarding your future studies, career preferences and find the best institutions and opportunities for your academic and professional development at an affordable cost. Having experienced the student life in both the countries INDIA & GERMANY, we are uniquely placed to help you plan your career.


Genuine people providing genuine service.

Ishan Basyal

Director of Career Services
Astrophysicist by day, fashion critique by night, Ishan is our number one counselor. Having finished his bachelors from Jacobs University Bremen in Germany, he pursued his masters in France, Sweden, UK and Germany. With knowledge about Europe bursting from the seams, he will guide you to your dream destinations.

Rajesh Bashyal

Managing Director
With more that 7 years of experience in the consulting business, Mr. Rajesh Bashyal calls it as he sees it. A no nonsense approach from the premier can only mean one thing – you get what you want, before you know you even want it.

Bhaskar Upadhyay

Director of Education Services
With a German bachelors and European double masters degree, Bhaskar is an Educational aficionado. With experience in teaching and educational counseling, Bhaskar will tailor the best course of action for you.

Anjal Niraula

Director of Emigration Services
Name a city in Europe, and he’s been there. This dynamic managerial and solar energy prodigee is the next big thing. It’s a good thing we have him working with us!

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